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The duo il est Vilaine believes that their first track breathes the masculine fragrance of some James dean stepping out of a backroom. it’s a lot worse. With deep bass and highly pitched gimmicks, the duo is not so much of an electronic pun, rather a dancing machine combining the efficiency of good old acid-house and the hypnotic features of productions such as remote, kill the dJ or Tim Paris. At once wild and Western, urban and mystical, we are happily confronted with a sound, an identity- a rare occurrence in these days of neat clean electro-pop. eschewing the fashion and uniformity of some sterile purism, il est Vilaine’s first record, released by dialect, is quite perfect, like a road movie with dennis hopper on Akira’s bike. And it would end at a rave party in some warehouse, obviously.
(Taken from Double 's intw (c) Maximilien Oedipe Purple)

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