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    Jeudi 06/06/2024 à 20:00


5-7 rue Moret 75011 Paris

Salle de concert, salle de spectacle

Paris 11e arrondissement

MCouronnesM 2

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(BE - noisenoisenoise)
Life sucks in 2023, almost as hard as RONKER hits you in the teeth. RONKER’s heaviness lies in simplicity. With one leg deeply rooted in the guitar violence of the nineties and the other entwined in the reverbation of the eighties, RONKER deliberately balances on the edge of extremes. Blackened Post-punkgaze for Nine Inch Nails fans, or just indie metal? Who’s to say?!
RONKER, above all, is a band you need to see live; where the haze of feedback rages over the violence. Little drivel, a lot of sweat.
RONKER released its first EP ‘Self Loathing Self Help’ in 2023 on Labelman. The songs were recorded at Hightime Studio, where Thomas Valkiers (CRACKUPS, Double Veterans) is the Flemish equivalent of Steve Albini. On top of that, the EP was mixed by none other than living legend Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Doodseskader).
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5 rue Moret, Paris 11
Ⓜ Ménilmontant (L2), Oberkampf (L5 et L9), Parmentier (L3)
Aucun comportement sexiste, raciste, LGBTphobe ou discriminant ne sera toléré. L'équipe se réserve le droit d'entrée et reste à votre écoute en cas d'incident.

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