Chris Kenna Solo

Australian Folk Blues

  • Dimanche 15/03/2020 à 19:00

La Liberté

196 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris

Bar / café

Paris 12e arrondissement

MFaidherbe-ChalignyM 8

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Chris Kenna grew up on a farm in south-western Victoria, Australia. As a boy, he learned to milk cows by hand and trap rabbits with his brothers; he made his first electric guitar from a block of wood when he was 14. His first album was Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the tracks”; his first hero was Jimi Hendrix; his first heartbreak was hearing on the radio that Stevie Ray Vaughan had gone down in a helicopter. It’s still his greatest heartbreak.

Hungry for the rock star life, he was soon commanding stages in front of his own bands, chalking up supports for oz rock luminaries including Midnight Oil, Men at Work, The Church and Ian Moss (Cold Chisel). But after crossing paths with a French woman in the middle of the desert, he upped sticks and followed her to Paris, taking with him a battered acoustic guitar and a head full of songs. In the city of lights, he developed a solo acoustic blues style that has seen him play some of the city’s biggest venues, supporting (among others) Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Tommy Emmanuel

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La Liberté

196 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris

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