[Dub Techno] Exocet Debut ≋ Upwellings (live), El Choop, Joseph

Dub techno & bass music to celebrate the recently launched Exocet collective, gathering DJ & live acts about marine inspirations in dub-inspired music genres.

  • Concert annulé

    Samedi 28/03/2020 à 23:59

Caves Lechapelais

7 rue Le Chapelais 75017 Paris

Salle de concert, salle de spectacle (350 places)

Paris 17e arrondissement

MLa FourcheM 13

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For this event, Exocet will support a coral reef restoration & conservation program located in Tahiti, French Polynesia. You will also have the opportunity to make a donation during the event, and part of the proceeds will also be allocated to this project. More info to come.


🌊 Upwellings 🌊

🌊 El Choop 🌊

🌊 Joseph 🌊

🌊 Amadeus 🌊

The musical universe of Exocet relies on dub-infused electronic music, following the dub techno legacy of artists such as Moritz von Oswald & Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), considered as the pioneers of the genre.
Exocet also draws in a wider musical spectrum around dub culture from bass music to ambient and downtempo genres.
The collective aims at composing with either abyssal ambiences thanks to heavy and hollow bass and drum loops, or more aerial atmospheres representing open spaces and natural flows.

≋ INFO ≋

📅 Saturday 28th March 2020

➡ Les Caves Lechapelais
7 Rue Lechapelais, 75017 Paris

🎫 Tickets : 10/12/15€

🚫 No tolerance for discriminating or violent behavior


🌊 Exocet is a collective sourcing its inspirations from marine & coastline scenes, and expresses through dub music, notably dub techno and bass music.

🔊 The collective leads projects and organizes events, gathering music & plastic artists around these thematics.

🤝 With its proceeds, the association aims at supporting ocean & littoral conservancy projects.

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Caves Lechapelais

7 rue Le Chapelais 75017 Paris

MLa FourcheM 13 à 157m

MPlace de ClichyM 13M 2 à 291m


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