Tim Watt Live au Pop-in

Concert solo acoustique

  • Mercredi 28/03/2018 à 21:00

Pop In

105 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

Bar / café

Paris 11e arrondissement

MSaint-Sébastien-FroissartM 8

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Les artistes

Tim Watt

Tim Watt is an English singer-songwriter and musician from Hertfordshire, England.
Captivating audiences with haunting melodies and complimenting soulful vocals, he has performed a vast array of shows throughout the years, with over 300 live performances since the early 2000s, ranging from the Neon Reverb Festival in Las Vegas to such legendary folk venues as The Troubadour in London, Le Bus Palladium in Paris and The Bitter End in New York City.
His songs are sculptured with poetic lyrical content inspired by the works of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, with more contemporary influences consisting of Ryan Adams and Jack White. The eclectic collection of musical influences provides a unique body of individual compositions to the listener.
In addition to his solo career, he has previously co-founded and fronted underground British alternative rock groups ‘Black Ballroom’ and ‘The Vulgar Poets’.
He featured as a guest vocalist for acclaimed guitarist and composer ‘Gary Lucas’ for live tribute events to the late Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart.
His music has been aired on international radio stations and featured on 'BBC Introducing’. He has recorded and released various original material independently over the years, including three separate single releases in 2019.
He currently resides in Paris, France.

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Pop In

105 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

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